Offset printing

Offset printing is a commonly used printing technique in which the inked image is transferred (or "offset") from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface.

Superb control

Our offset printed material is always of the highest quality in accordance with ISO standard ISO12647. At we use the most advanced screening methods for the exposure of printing forms and ink distribution is controlled directly from prepress.

We constantly renew our Heidelberg machinery so that we are always up to date. The new Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 4-, 5- and 8-colour presses are equipped with in-line spectral measurement for the continual adjustment of the colours during the production process. This guarantees consistent quality throughout the entire run. The Heidelberg Speedmaster XL-5L printing press also has an inline dispersion varnish unit and infrared drying. This means we can guarantee even better quality, a wider choice of paper and card (from very light paper to card almost 1 mm thick) and faster production and delivery time (thanks to the infrared drying unit and turning drum) without this affecting our very competitive prices. The company’s very latest acquisition is the Heidelberg Drystar Low Energy UV press. With this revolutionary printing press De Bie Printing can print on all kinds of materials, such as uncoated papers that are difficult to dry, art paper, but also self-adhesive vinyl, static materials, plastics and translucent paper. Anti set-off powder is no longer used to prevent setting off from the press sheet.

Even with a 400% colour application there is no risk of setting off from the paper. At a speed of 15,000 sheets per hour can now apply 100 per cent high gloss or very matt UV varnish of a quality that was previously only possible with screen printing. And the fifth tower also makes it possible to create a spectacular matt and gloss effect. The advantage for the customer is that high-quality printed material with a high gloss and matt effect is produced at a much lower cost than with screen printing.

What is the difference between digital and offset printing?

In these volatile, digital times printed matter has a unique characteristic: once printed, it can never be changed.That’s why your printing deserves the perfection of Letterpress.

Here the ink does not only flow abundantly, but rather it is handled with the utmost precision and love for the craft by real printing geeks: headstrong, tenacious craftsmen and women who won’t rest until your most original creations, however big or small, are perfectly finished, right down to the smallest detail.

10 years of experience

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